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G-Force security has officially partnered with Digifort whose products are carefully designed to offer the highest quality video surveillance and monitoring Platform.It can provide features like intrusion detection, License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition and many more.



  • Agile
  • Saves time
  • Fast and Practical
  • Gives Proactive/Real Time alerts
  • Covers Wide Areas/Perimeter
  • More effective and efficient
  • Integration with external database
  • Overcome Geographical Barrier
  • Opertaion with physical and virtual loop
  • Security Control of the networks or Local networks
  • Integration between I / O and remote connection of digital outputs of any CLP, industrial or residential
  • It easily integrates with the existing installed devices thus increasing its performance thereby providing advanced multiple results
  • Beneficial for information, planning, logistic support, execution, time management, investigation, evaluation, especially detect, deter & defend.